Efficient, and uniform hybridization-based capture for Whole Exome Sequencing

Combining more than a decade of probe-design experience with an improved probe-manufacturing process, the new KAPA HyperExome probe pools enable efficient, uniform hybridization-based capture for Whole Exome Sequencing (WES). Achieve sensitive, reliable detection of genomic alterations, including single-nucleotide variations (SNVs), indels, copy-number variations (CNVs), gene fusions, inversions, and other rearrangements within exonic regions.

  • Reduce sequencing costs and save time through superior capture uniformity that lowers the amount of sequencing required to detect variants
  • Reliably enrich challenging, previously inaccessible exonic regions
  • Ensure accurate sample identification with 387 sample-tracking SNPs
  • Streamline targeted sequencing with our HyperCap Workflow v3, driven by KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Library Prep Kits

Performance Data

Reduce sequencing costs and save time

  • Optimize sequencing throughput with the compact ~43 Mb design of KAPA HyperExome
  • Achieve better coverage compared to Supplier X, especially with deeper sequencing

Maximize throughput with superior capture uniformity

  • Drive sequencing efficiency by leveraging design expertise and using extensively optimized panels
  • Achieve best overall balance even across hard-to-capture regions

Figure 2. KAPA HyperExome achieves highly uniform coverage—even across regions with high or low %GC. Prior to capture with KAPA HyperExome probes, libraries were prepared from 100 ng of DNA with KAPA HyperPlus Kits using KAPA Universal Adapter and KAPA UDI Primer Mixes. Libraries (8) were multiplexed prior to capture, hybridized to probes for 16 hours, amplified post-capture, and sequenced on an Illumina NovaSeq sequencer (2 x 100 bp). Bars represent data from 16 different cell lines processed in triplicate. Each dataset in Panel B is derived from a different cell line.

Reliably enrich challenging, previously inaccessible exonic regions

  • Improve coverage of key research genes in important genomic databases including ACMG59, CCDS, and ClinVar
  • Discover more variants with the comprehensive-yet-compact KAPA HyperExome panel

Ensure accurate sample identification

Researchers often use control spike-ins to track samples throughout NGS workflows. However, sample-handling errors can still lead to incorrect sample identification. HyperExome targets 387 selected SNP positions to serve as intrinsic sample identifiers that are independent of sample handling, enabling researchers to:
  • Eliminate errors associated with manual addition of sample-tracking spike-ins
  • Increase the reliability of NGS results with greater confidence in sample identity
  • Reduce costly sample misidentification

Figure 4. Overview of sample tracking with the 387 tracking SNPs captured by KAPA HyperExome probes. In order to confirm sample identification after sequencing, the unique identity of each sample is first established by using an independent, orthogonal method (e.g., qPCR, SNP array, Sanger sequencing) to classify ~60 – 100 sample-specific SNPs; it is important to select SNPs that correspond to those captured by the KAPA HyperExome panel. The sample identities are then confirmed by matching the SNP data from both sources.

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