KAPA Target Enrichment Custom Panels

KAPA Target Enrichment Custom Panels

Fully customizable panels for hybridization-based capture

Combining more than a decade of probe-design experience with an improved manufacturing process, new KAPA HyperChoice Probes (for human designs) and KAPA HyperExplore Probes (for nonhuman designs) are fully customizable target enrichment panels for hybridization-based capture before next-generation sequencing. Answer your most challenging research questions with probes manufactured using KAPA HiFi DNA polymerase and validated by NGS.

Easily design customized probe pools with our HyperDesign software, then combine them with our KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Library Preparation Kits to:

  • Reduce sequencing costs and save time with superior capture uniformity
  • Reliably enrich challenging, previously inaccessible genomic regions
  • Streamline targeted enrichment using the updated KAPA HyperCap Workflow v3, driven by KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Library Prep Kits

Reduce sequencing costs and save time with superior capture uniformity

Achieve better coverage, higher uniformity, and low PCR duplication rates (Table 1, Figure 1) with high-fidelity KAPA Target Enrichment probe panels designed using the expertise of HyperDesign (HyperDesign.com).

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Figure 1. The new KAPA HyperChoice neurodegeneration probe panel outperforms the SeqCap EZ Neurodegeneration panel with higher uniformity and better target coverage, without the need for rebalancing. Performance was compared between the SeqCap EZ Neurodegeneration panel and a new KAPA HyperChoice panel covering similar regions. For each panel, 8 target-enriched DNA libraries were prepared from Coriell control DNA using the appropriate workflow: KAPA HyperCap v2 (SeqCap EZ) or KAPA HyperCap v3 (KAPA HyperChoice). Libraries were captured in 8-plex reactions and sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq instrument (2 x 100 bp). The KAPA HyperChoice panel was used out-of-the-box, while the SeqCap EZ panel was empirically rebalanced to improve performance.

Reliably enrich challenging, previously inaccessible genomic regions

The new online, user-friendly HyperDesign tool builds on two decades of in silico design experience to select probe panels that achieve deeper, more uniform downstream sequencing coverage with fewer sequencing reads—even across difficult-to-capture regions.

Design your new probe panel in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your organism of interest and name your design
  2. Add your targets by uploading gene names, bed files, or genomic coordinates—or choose from a broad list of commonly used gene identifiers
  3. Fine-tune your inputs, review your targets, and confirm your results
  4. Submit your design for probe selection
Design your custom panel

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