HyperDesign Tool

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

HyperDesign Tool
User-friendly online probe design with HyperDesign

Generating custom probe pools for targeted enrichment of next-generation sequencing libraries can be a daunting endeavor. Many traditional design tools are clunky, rely on poorly optimized design algorithms, or lack the support of a live person with years of design experience—leaving you wondering if you have the best design to capture your specific regions of interest. 

Roche's new online design tool, HyperDesign, is here to address those concerns. 

HyperDesign is a user-friendly online probe design tool that takes advantage of Roche's two decades of in silico probe design experience. HyperDesign's proprietary design algorithm has been optimized to achieve deeper and more uniform downstream sequencing coverage with fewer sequencing reads—even for difficult-to-capture regions. 

Get started with a new design

Visit www.HyperDesign.com, log in* to your homepage, click on "new design," and follow these 4 simple steps ...

  1. Select your organism of interest and name your design.
  2. Add your targets by uploading gene names, bed files or genomic coordinates; or choose from a broad list of commonly used gene identifiers.
  3. Fine-tune your inputs, review your targets, and confirm your results.
  4. Submit your design for selection.

    ..then let our advanced algorithm do the work

    Once probe selection is complete, you’ll be able review the coverage results across your target regions.

    *If you were a registered user of our prior online design resource, NimbleDesign, your login name, and password have been transferred to HyperDesign. Use these to gain immediate access.

Design your custom panel 

HyperDesign Tool
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The HyperDesign Tool replaces NimbleDesign.