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RNA Library Preparation


What is RNA library preparation?

The first step of RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is RNA library preparation which consists of the following general steps:

RNA library preparation workflow diagram

Each single-stranded RNA transcript in a cell is synthesized from one of the two strands of DNA. During RNA library preparation, the RNA transcript is copied back into complementary DNA (cDNA). Strand-specific RNA library preparation improves RNA-seq by accurately identifying antisense transcripts and non-coding RNA and distinguish the boundaries of closely situated or overlapping genes.

Roche’s RNA library preparation kits offer stranded and streamlined workflows for a wide a wide variety of RNA-seq applications, including whole-transcriptome sequencing, tumor profiling using degraded inputs, and sequencing of blood-derived RNA.

KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits (Newest and Recommended)

As our latest generation of RNA library preparation kits, KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits utilize a novel chemistry and combines enzymatic steps to achieve fewer reaction purifications and yield high-quality RNA-seq libraries in a single day. They also offer flexible workflow options that include the enrichment of desired transcripts by selective mRNA capture or rRNA depletion.

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KAPA Stranded RNA-seq Kits (First-generation)

KAPA Stranded RNA-seq Kits are our first generation RNA library preparation kits that combine a “with-bead” protocol with the robustness of KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase to yield high-quality RNA-seq libraries.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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