KAPA UDI Adapters

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

KAPA UDI Adapter

Full-length adapters are compatible with ligation-based library construction workflows for direct and targeted multiplexed DNA and RNA (cDNA) sequencing applications on the Illumina® platform. Since sequencing barcodes are added during an adapter ligation step, full-length adapters are particularly well suited for PCR-free workflows.

KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed (UDI) Adapters have a standard Illumina adapter backbone. They are therefore easily incorporated in new and existing Illumina sequencing workflows, and do not require customized sequencing or indexing primers. A combination of 8-nt sequencing barcodes on each of the i5 and i7 adapter oligos supports paired-end sequencing on 1- , 2- and 4-channel Illumina instruments. KAPA UDI Adapters support a broad range of sample pooling (2- plex up to 96-plex, as appropriate for your workflow), for target enrichment and/or sequencing.

Unique dual-indexing is recommended for all applications and Illumina sequencers.1,2

Product highlights

Fewer misassigned reads improve confidence in results
  • Index misassignment during multiplexed sequencing may be the result of index hopping, barcode or sample cross-contamination, template switching during PCR amplification of pooled samples, and/or sequencing/analysis errors; some of which may be mitigated by adapter design and quality
  • Unique dual-index combinations in KAPA UDI Adapters allow reads with unexpected barcode combinations to be filtered out prior to data analysis
  • KAPA UDI Adapters are manufactured using stringent procedures and undergo sequencing-based QC testing to reduce the potential for index misassignment resulting from barcode cross-contamination


View data demonstrating how the unique dual index combinations used in KAPA UDI Adapters, as well as sequencing-based QC testing for barcode cross-contamination mitigate the potential impact of index misassignment.

High-performance, complete workflows for a wide range of applications
  • High-performance library construction workflows require appropriate, high-quality accessories such as adapters and beads to achieve optimal library yields and quality.
  • KAPA UDI Adapters undergo functional testing in an NGS library construction workflow to confirm high levels of library construction efficiency, minimal levels of adapter-dimer formation and consistent performance across all 96 index combinations.


View data demonstrating that KAPA Adapters support efficient and consistent library construction efficiency across a range of different sample types, inputs and sequencing applications

Figure 3. Sequencing data were down-sampled to 27 million reads per technical replicate before sequence coverage calculation with Bedtools.

KAPA libraries prepared from Covaris-sheared and enzymatically fragmented DNA yielded a similar and fairly narrow distribution around an overall higher average coverage depth than Nextera libraries, which contained regions of low coverage and coverage hotspots.

Figure 3 sequencing data
Flexible and efficient PCR-free human whole-genome sequencing
  • Even a small amount of library amplification may introduce bias which results in uneven coverage and the requirement for more sequencing; particularly when sequencing human and other complex genomes, or microbial genomes with extreme GC-content
  • PCR-free workflows have become the gold standard for human whole-genome sequencing (WGS)
  • High-quality, full-length KAPA UDI Adapters used in combination with KAPA HyperPrep Kits support the flexible and highly efficient library construction protocols needed for high-throughput, PCR-free human WGS
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  1. https://www.illumina.com/science/education/minimizing-index-hopping.html. Accessed February 2019.
  2. Costello M, et al. BMC Genomics. 2018;19:332

KAPA Unique Dual-Index (UDI) Adapters contain full-length, ready-to-use, QC-tested, dual-indexed Illumina adapters for ligation-based library construction. Kit specifications are listed below.

For additional details related to product shipping, storage and handling, please refer to technical documentation.

KAPA Adapter selection guide

1The sets of 192 and 768 barcode sequences used in KAPA UDI Adapters and KAPA UDI Primer Mixes (respectively) are exclusive to Roche and different between the two sets.

2Theoretically possible but not fully tested.

3This is sufficient for four or one library preps (KAPA UDI Adapter plate or KAPA UDI Primer Mixes plate, respectively) with the KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Kit if no adapter dilution is required. Generous overfill supports use on automated liquid handling systems.

4KAPA UDI Primer Mixes and KAPA UDI Adapter plates are shipped with peelable seals. Replacement seals (three per plate) are peelable and pierceable.

*KAPA HyperPlex Adapters and KAPA UDI Adapters are not compatible with methyl-seq applications.

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KAPA Unique Dual-Index (UDI) contain 96 dual-indexed adapters, formulated at 15 µM in KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer. Adapters are plated in hard-shell PCR plates and shipped with peelable sealing film. Of each adapter, 20 µL is supplied. This is enough for 4 library preparations with any KAPA DNA or RNA library preparation kit if standard protocols are followed and no adapter dilution is required. All kits are shipped with three (3) replacement films. KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer (25 ml) is included in all complete kits, or may be ordered as a standalone kit.

KAPA Adapters have been validated for use with KAPA HyperPrep Kits, KAPA HyperPlus Kits and KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits.

Kit Size (reactions)
Roche Cat. No Description Kit Size (reactions)
KK8727 08861919702 KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed Adapter Kit (15 μM) 96 x 20 µL
KK8721 08278539001 KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer 25 mL
KAPA Adapters are not methylated and are not suitable for Methyl-Seq applications.
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