Oncology Assays

Explore the AVENIO family of NGS oncology assays comprising three ctDNA and three corresponding tumor tissue assays with matched panel content for a variety of research applications.

Target Enrichment

Discover workflows and products for hybrid-capture and amplicon-based target enrichment methods. Find the various SeqCap® target enrichment solutions for analyzing the whole exome or specific disease-associated regions or for investigating methylation changes or studying transcriptomes. Utilize the HEAT-Seq® target enrichment products for amplicon-based target enrichment solutions. These workflows enable focusing sequencing resources for targeted resequencing applications in human genetic disease and cancer research.

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Library Preparation

Explore KAPA library preparation kits delivering the highest quality sequencing libraries suitable for use in different sequencing platforms. Kits contain high-quality enzymes selected through our directed evolution technology, and formulated in convenient, easy-to-use master mixes.