As a part of the dynamic Roche Sample Prep Solutions portfolio, KAPA HyperPure Beads offer a tunable and highly consistent solution for a size selection and reaction purification in DNA library construction workflows for next-generation sequencing.

  • Achieve high recovery of DNA across a wide range of input amounts and input quality
  • Implement tunable size selection at multiple stages of DNA library construction
  • Reduce sequencing costs and maximize library diversity with improved bead wash efficiency
  • Remove undesirable reaction components with fast bead cleanup steps
  • Choose from five pack sizes for workflow flexibility

Product Highlights

High DNA recovery

  • Compatible with all KAPA HyperPrep and KAPA HyperPlus Kits for DNA library preparation
  • Obtain high yields of unfragmented DNA prior to library construction compared to the market leader (Supplier A)
  • Recover degraded DNA with efficiency comparable to Supplier A