DNA Library Preparation

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Preparation of a DNA library for next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms entails several steps that have a direct influence on the quality of the sequencing library, and ultimately on the reliability of sequencing results.  Roche Sequencing Solutions offers DNA library preparation kits containing high-quality enzymes and reaction buffers developed through our Directed Evolution Technology. The KAPA Library Preparation Kits include modules required for end repair, A-tailing, ligation, and amplification (for Illumina platforms) and offer complete library preparation solutions with KAPA Adapters and KAPA Pure Beads.

Benefits of the KAPA Library Preparation Kits

• Compatibility with a wide variety of DNA inputs and sample types and high yields of adapter-ligated library molecules 

• Reduced PCR amplification bias resulting in improved sequencing coverage compared to other options*

• Kits without an amplification module for PCR-free workflows

• Ultra-pure, high-quality library construction reagents supplied in convenient master-mix formats

• Competitive per library cost

Roche Sequencing Solutions offers three generations of KAPA Library Preparation Kits: HTP/LTP, HyperPrep and HyperPlus, for library construction on the Illumina platform.


KAPA HyperPlus Kits

As the latest and the third-generation option, KAPA HyperPlus Kits provide a streamlined workflow with integrated, low-bias enzymatic fragmentation and library preparation in a single tube, offering industry-leading library yields* and superior sequencing results. Kits are compatible with the Illumina sequencing platform.

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KAPA HyperPrep Kits

As the second-generation option, KAPA HyperPrep Kits provide a novel one-tube chemistry and a streamlined workflow, offering superior library yields* and sequencing results from Covaris-sheared DNA.

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KAPA HTP/LTP Library Preparation Kits

KAPA HTP/LTP Library Preparation Kits are the first generation products providing high performance with a three-step “with bead” protocol. Kits are compatible with the Illumina sequencing platform.

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KAPA EvoPlus Kits

The KAPA EvoPlus Kits provide a streamlined and automatable workflow, together with the option for plated format, which further enables efficiency in high throughput laboratories. The new enzymatic fragmentation and library prep solution offers improved fragmentation performance, insensitivity to inhibitors and reduced sequencing artefacts.

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*Data on file.