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KAPA HyperCap Fixed Panels


KAPA HyperCap Fixed Panels increase sequencing efficiency

Access relevant content faster and with greater sequencing efficiency. The KAPA HyperCap Fixed Panels are catalog gene panels for target enrichment research applications which are readily available from stock. Based on Roche’s renowned content and probe design expertise, the KAPA HyperCap Fixed Panels offer high sequencing efficiency and answers that matter to your research questions.

The KAPA HyperCap Fixed Panels are part of the KAPA HyperCap Probes portfolio which includes KAPA HyperExome Probes for highly efficient Whole-Exome Sequencing and custom probes such as the KAPA HyperChoice and HyperExplore Probes.

Relevant content from Roche’s renowned content and design expertise to sequence what matters

Sequencing efficiency by extensive validation and optimized protocols that address challenging input quality

Consistent quality with probe presence and concentration QC by NGS

Fast delivery with quick shipping from stock through Roche’s global distribution network

KAPA HyperCap Heredity Panel
  • Covers 3332 genes strongly associated with hereditary genetics and oncology
  • Offers a compact capture target size of less than 10 Mb
  • Achieves >98% of target coverage at 30x with 10M high quality (HQ) clusters
KAPA HyperCap Oncology Panel
  • Covers 13 genes strongly associated with somatic oncology in a 214 Kb capture target
  • Covers additional hotspot variants available in commercial FFPET and cfDNA controls
  • Achieves >97.5% of target coverage at 1000x with 50M HQ clusters from 10 ng cfDNA
KAPA HyperExome
  • Reduce sequencing costs and save time through superior capture uniformity that lowers the amount of sequencing required to detect variants
  • Reliably enrich challenging, previously inaccessible exonic regions
  • Ensure accurate sample identification with 387 sample-tracking SNPs

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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