KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase is a novel, single-enzyme system that exhibits industry-leading performance when compared with other high fdelity polymerases and polymerase blends. KAPA HiFi has been engineered to have an increased affinity for DNA without the need for accessory protein domains. The intrinsic high processivity of KAPA HiFi results in signifcant improvements to yield, sensitivity, speed, target length, and the ability to amplify diffcult templates (e.g AT- and GC-rich). The error rate of KAPA HiFi PCR Kits is 100X lower than wild-type Taq DNA polymerase.

Product Highlights

Achieve the highest fidelity

  • Increased processivity, strong proofreading activity, and optimized buffer system result in superior accuracy
  • The error rate of KAPA HiFi is 100X lower than Taq, 40X lower than polymerase blends, 3X lower than Pfu Ultra and 2X lower than Phusion

Improve performance on GC- and AT-rich templates

  • Achieve higher success rates across targets up • to 84% GC content
  • Higher yields when amplifying AT-rich templates

Amplify longer targets with greater sensitivity

  • High-fidelity PCR of long and complex genomic templates
  • Improved sensitivity
  • High speed allows significantly shorter reaction times for long range PCR

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