KAPA HyperPlus Kits, our most advanced library preparation option, provide a streamlined workflow that includes fully automatable fragmentation and library preparation in a single tube. Building on industry-leading library construction efficiencies, this integrated solution combines enzymatic fragmentation, similar in quality to mechanical shearing, with the speed and convenience of tagmentation-based workflows. KAPA HyperPlus Kits offer complete library preparation solution with KAPA Adapters and KAPA Pure Beads. The kits are compatible with the Illumina sequencing platform and provide qualified automation methods.

Features and Benefits of KAPA HyperPlus Kits

• Fully automatable DNA library construction in 1.5–3 hours with low-bias nonmechanical fragmentation

• Industry-leading conversion rates and library complexity,* particularly for FFPE DNA

• PCR-free workflows from lower inputs and improved sequence coverage in workflows with PCR

• Compatibility with a wide range of sample types and inputs, and flexibility with respect to fragment size, adapter design and library amplification 

Product Highlights

Industry-leading library construction efficiency* with integrated workflow

  • Conversion rates >80% from ≥ 100 ng input*
  • Superior performance across a range of DNA input amounts*
  • Validated with the HyperCap Workflow v2.0

Tunable and low-bias enzymatic fragmentation

  • Library insert sizes adjustable from 150–800 bp by varying fragmentation time or temperature
  • Robust and reproducible fragmentation across a range of GC content and DNA input amounts and sample types

Superior coverage uniformity and improved coverage of “difficult” regions

  • Higher coverage uniformity and generation of libraries with similar or better quality compared to libraries prepared with Covaris-fragmented DNA
  • More uniform sequencing coverage than other enzymatic fragmentation solutions such as tagmentation*

Improved coverage depth for FFPE samples compared to Covaris-sheared DNA

  • Significant increase in coverage depth compared to Covaris-sheared DNA with HyperPrep Kits
  • Lower duplication rates, more on-target reads and more bases covered compared to HyperPrep Kits using Covaris-sheared DNA
  • Detection of variants with high degree of correlation between libraries prepared from HyperPrep kits with Covaris shearing versus HyperPlus kits with enzymatic fragmentation*

Minimal GC bias and higher coverage uniformity facilitating de novo whole genome assembly in microbial whole genome sequencing

  • Lower GC bias when compared to tagmentation and other enzymatic fragmentation methods*
  • Higher coverage uniformity
  • Fewer contigs, longer N50 lengths and longer contigs*

GC-bias plots

*Data on file.