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Why automate NGS sample preparation?

Automation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation processes offers many advantages, including higher sample throughput, less hands-on time, greater reproducibility, fewer human errors, and improved process control. Roche offers automated solutions across the entire NGS sample preparation workflow, including DNA and RNA library preparation, target enrichment, and library quantification.

Our expert automation scientists partner with major automated liquid handling manufacturers to provide innovative and effective workflows to save you time, scale up your throughput, and generate high-quality and reproducible results.

Benefits of Roche automation methods

Benefits of Roche automation methods graphic

Available standard automation methods for Roche NGS Workflows

Roche’s automation methods are developed and verified either by the Roche Automation Team or through collaborative partnerships with automation vendors. Methods developed within Roche are fully supported by our team; we can provide onsite implementation, method installation and training, and scientific consultation as needed .

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