NGS Automation

Maximize the potential of your lab with a trusted NGS partner


Generate sequencing results with more confidence

Automating the laborious and time-consuming NGS workflows helps your lab generate more reproducible results, increase operational efficiency, and unlock more resources and time for collaborations and innovations.

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AVENIO Edge System

A true walk-away experience with AVENIO Edge System

AVENIO Edge System is Roche’s fully automated system for library preparation, target enrichment, and library qualification.  It is designed for users at any level of automation experience providing the freedom to walk away and work away, with confidence and trust.  It’s intuitive software provides step-by-step on-screen instruction without a need for special training.  Its reagents are all barcoded and ready-to-load further simplifying the user experience.

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Automated KAPA Workflows on non-Roche Systems

Roche develops standard automated workflows on non-Roche systems through collaborative partnerships with major automation vendors.  Our experienced and dedicated NGS Automation Support Team develops new KAPA protocols and provides complimentary customer consultation and support.

Benefits of Roche automation methods graphic

Available automation methods for Roche NGS workflows

Available automation methods for Roche NGS workflows