Roche Sequencing Solutions (RSS) is building on Roche’s legacy of innovation to transform next-generation sequencing and its application. By simplifying workflows and expanding assay menus, we are broadening access to genomic data and lowering barriers to routine use.



Singular Path to Molecular Insight

Roche is dedicated to advancing personalized healthcare by creating diagnostics and treatments tailored to individual genetic and disease profiles. As part of this mission, Roche Sequencing Solutions is unifying next-generation sequencing with the goal of making it routine: Sample in, result out. 

Our growing suite of products spans the genomics workflow, from sample acquisition and preparation through data analysis and final result, helping you answer important questions in genetics, cancer and beyond.

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Doing now what patients need next. 

At Roche Sequencing Solutions, our vision is to make sequencing simple…Sample in, result out. Our leaders share a deep commitment to realizing this vision. Collectively, the leadership team brings decades of experience translating scientific insight into products that advance knowledge and improve care. Working together, we believe we can make sequencing routine, broaden access to genomics and enable personalized healthcare.

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Are you passionate about the possibilities of next-generation sequencing? Eager to share in the adventure?  Roche has opportunities for people of diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds to help us achieve our vision of simpler sequencing.

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