MagNA Pure 24 System

MagNA Pure 24 System including instrument, kits, and accessories are for in vitro diagnostic use unless otherwise noted.

magna pure 24
Enter a new world of productivity

At Roche, we understand that when it comes to nucleic acid purification, confidence is everything. You can depend on our MagNA Pure 24 instrument for reliable results through minimal user interaction, cutting-edge technology, and LIS connectivity.

The MagNA Pure 24 instrument was built around the demands of molecular testing labs. In addition to providing quality purified eluates, this new system offers onboard primary sample handling and mixed-batch sampling. It is IVD labeled and comes with surveillance features to ensure the highest quality of eluate while reducing human error.

The MagNA Pure 24 purifies nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials using magnetic glass particle technology. It can processes up to 24 samples in just over an hour using barcoded, prefilled cassettes with ready-to-use reagents. Preprogrammed software protocols are tailored to a diversity of prevalidated human sample types. The isolated and purified nucleic acids meet the quality standards required for genomic workflows such as highly sensitive quantitative PCR/RT-PCR analysis.

Designed with you in mind.

The MagNA Pure 24 instrument was constructed around the diverse needs of modern laboratories. This system enhances your nucleic acid workflow with easy-to-use features such as:

  • Single universal reagent kit for 9 prevalidated human sample types
  • Primary sample input, with mixed-sample batching
  • Scalable extraction of 1 – 24 samples
  • Extraction of up to 24 samples in 70 minutes, or 8 samples in 30 minutes
  • Volume inputs ranging from 200 μL to 4 mL
  • Sample and inventory tracking via barcoded surveillance
  • Resealable reagent kits to reduce waste
  • IVD labeled with barcoded onboard surveillance to track liquid levels, extraction inventory, and sample clots
MagNA Pure 24 instrument image

The Magna Pure 24 system is on software version 1.1 currently.

View the archived database with the Archive Viewer.

If you need assistance to update your software system, please contact your local Roche representative.

Magnetism is used for automated nucleic acid isolation performed by the MagNA Pure 24 System. Magnetic glass particles (MGPs) are used to isolate DNA and total nucleic acid (tNA) from a variety of different sample materials.

  • Sample Number:

    1 to 24 isolations per run

  • Sample Volume:

    Input of 200μL to 4mL

  • Ability to mix batch within one run:


  • Validated human sample types:

    Whole blood, plasma, cerum, nasal swab, BAL, urine, stool, cultured cell, fresh-frozen tissue

  • Run time for 24 isolations:

    Approx. 70 minutes for 200μL starting sample volume

  • Run time for 8 isolations:

    Approx. 30 minutes for 200μL starting sample volume

  • Reagent type:

    Universal, prefilled, ready-to-use cassettes

  • LIMS connectivity:


  • 21CFR part 11 (subsection B) compatibility:


  • Labeling:

    IVD (US)

The MagNA Pure 24 System gives you the flexibility to extract a large variety of human sample types with a single universal reagent kit. Rely on this simplified reagent concept and choose one of the pre-optimized and pre-programmed protocols to extract from mixed batch sample types and primary tubes within one protocol.

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Target  Protocol name Input sample type and sample volumes
The latest version of MagNA Pure 24 protocols are available to download from the table below (not available in US)
 Elution volume  Run time♰ (h:mm)
 Whole blood  Plasma  Serum Nasal swabs*  BAL**
 Urine  Stool  Cultured cells Fresh-frozen tissue FFPET***
Bacterial, fungal and viral NA Pathogen 200  

Protocol optimized for speed

200 μL   50 or 100 μL 1:22
Fast Pathogen 200  

8 sample protocol optimized for speed, yield and purity

Pathogen 1000

Protocol optimized for yield and purity

500 or 1000 μl   1:40
External Lysis Pathogen 200
External Lysis Pathogen 500  

Protocols optimized with external lysis buffer

450 μl lysate from 200 μl sample
1450 μl lysate from 500 μl sample
Genomic DNA hgDNA 200  

Protocol optimized for human genomic NA

200 μl (≤ 2x106 cells)   Up to 5x105 Up to 5 mg   1:15
Fast hgDNA 200  

8 sample protocol optimized for speed

hgDNA ds 200  

Protocol optimized for NGS

hgDNA 1000  

Protocol optimized for yield and purity

500 μl (≤ 5x106 cells)
1000 μl (≤ 1x107 cells)
100 or 200 μl 2:25
Up to 1x106
DNA FFPET 1000  

Deparaffinization and lysis on board

  Up to 6 x 5 μm sections (up to 6 mm3) 50 or 100 μl 5:30
Cell-free NA cfNA ss 2000
cfNA ss 4000  

Protocol optimized for single-stranded DNA

  2000 μL   50 or 100 μL 2:05
4000 μL 3:00
cfNA ds 2000
cfNA ds 4000  

Protocol optimized for double-stranded DNA

  2000 μL   100, 150 or 200 μL 2:30
4000 μL 3:30
cfNA ds 4000 hp  

Protocol optimized for double-stranded DNA and NGS

  4000 μL   60 or 150 μL 4:40
Post elution Sample Transfer   to the processing cartridge 200 μL
500 μL
1000 μL
PCR Setup   for 2-25 μL per eluate for PCR Sstup in Frame-Strip with flat caps-Low Profile or LightCycler® 8-tube strips   0.05
Archiving   for 2-25 μL per eluate for PCR Sstup in FrameStrip low Profile strips or LightCycler® 8-tube strips 0.05
New Protocol
*Nasopharyngeal/nasal swabs
**BAL - Bronchoalveolar lavage
***FFPET - formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue
♰These times are approximate and should only be used as a guidance.