Digital LightCycler® dPCR System

Unleash the true power of digital PCR

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Make the leap from idea to impact

It's time for a leap forward in digital PCR technology.

The Roche Digital LightCycler® System is the digital PCR instrument of tomorrow. With a unique combination of 3 nanowell plate configurations, 6 advanced optical channels, and 5x concentrated DNA and RNA master mixes, it has the potential to help your lab to make the leap from publishing research to producing clinically viable assays.

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The unique combination with the potential to change the future of digital PCR

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Bespoke testing with 3 one-of-a-kind1-4 nanowell plates

The unique hexagonal-shaped nanowell partitions and the filling dye that validates partitioning gives the Digital LightCycler® System the ability to handle a wide variety of extracted samples such as FFPET, cfDNA, Whole Blood, and more.

Through these partitions, target sequences are efficiently concentrated within isolated microreactors. This concentration effect reduces template competition, thereby enabling the detection of rare mutations and allowing for a higher tolerance to inhibitors present in a sample.

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High Resolution

15μL, 100,000 partitions

Copy Number Variation

Human Genetic Disease

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Universal Plate

30μL, 28,000 partitions

Gene Expression

Transplant Rejection

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High Sensitivity

45μL, 20,000 partitions

Cell-free DNA


Rare Mutation Detection

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Flexible 6-channel multiplexing*

6 advanced optical channels enable a high degree of multiplexing for DNA or RNA targets.


  • Batch size increments of between 8 and 96 samples per run
  • Demonstrated with both DNA and RNA reagents
  • Analyzer run times vary for different batch sizes to save time on smaller batches
High sample utilization with 5x concentrated concentrated DNA and RNA master mixes*

Get the most out of your samples with the Digital LightCycler® System's 5x concentrated master mixes.

  • High sample utilization in each reaction means confidence in results
  • 1 Step RNA (RT) with a hold time of just 15 minutes
  • DNA and RNA optimized for multiplexing
  • Filling dye control that validates partitioning
  • Single tube
  • 50-75% less primer/probe usage

* Roche data on file: DH_02365.01_031B_Digital_LightCycler_Reagent_Feasibility_Report_v3,
Document Number: 0000000000001200000501942

Roche data on file: DH-02365.01-500E_Digital LightCycler System Performance report

Roche data on file: DHF Digital_LightCycler_Reagent_Feasibility_Report

Roche data on file: DH-02365.01-008B_Digital_LightCycler_System_Feasibility_Report

digital lightcycler sample utilization vs competitive system

Sample utilization vs. competitive system1-4

Simple workflow and data tracking

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  1. First batches are created either manually or with orders from the Laboratory Information System (LIS). The system automatically sets up the layout and creates the samples.
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  1. The newly extracted samples are then transferred to the PCR where a pipette is used to mix the samples and the master mix. The nanowell plate of choice is scanned into the web application for full sample tracking.
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  1. The PCR mix is then transferred into the nanowell plate which is then loaded into the partitioning engine. This is done for each plate.
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  1. All the plates are then loaded into the Analyzer.
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  1. After the run is complete, positives and negatives are counted up and the Poisson calculation is applied.
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  1. Results are validated and then sent back to the LIS.


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AMP 2022 Presentation

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It is time to take a leap forward in digital PCR technology with Roche’s DigitalLightCycler® System

: Simran Saini, PhD
Principal Scientist II, Sequencing Workflows, Applications and Technology, Roche

In this presentation, we discuss the Digital LightCycler® System, a digital system for DNA and RNA with 6-color capability for flexible, multiplexed biomarker detection. With advances in sensitivity, precision, flexibility, and integration, the Digital LightCycler® System is a powerful digital PCR system that aims to help laboratories push the boundaries of clinical research forward. Three configurations of consumables are available to meet varied application needs, including high sample volume for cfDNA screening or greater number of partitions for high-resolution CNV analysis. We present data that demonstrates the sensitive performance of the Digital LightCycler® System as the powerful new addition to the Roche PCR ecosystem.

Learn more about the Digital LightCycler® dPCR System

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