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Sample Preparation Accessories


Roche sample preparation workflow accessories include KAPA Adapters, KAPA Cleanup Beads, capture beads and other reagents and consumables needed for DNA and RNA library preparation and target enrichment steps in your NGS workflow.

Removing unused adapters, primers and dimers is critical prior to sequencing. Adapter and bead quality can have a profound impact on the outcome of library construction and sequencing, particularly when working with low-input and challenging samples.

In addition, if a target enrichment step is included, several steps, including probe design, hybridization and washing, also need to be performed. Using high-quality reagents is critical for the overall success of the sequencing experiment.

The adapters, beads, target enrichment reagents and accessories offered by Roche are functionally tested in NGS library construction and target enrichment workflows. All sample preparation reagents meet strict QC specifications. KAPA Adapters and KAPA Cleanup Beads and Universal Enhancing Oligos are available as stand-alone products to offer you maximum flexibility.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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