Create, optimize and validate protocols anywhere, 24x7

AVENIO Designer is a cloud solution enabling laboratories around the world to customize their own protocols* for library preparation and target enrichment to be used on the AVENIO Edge instrument. AVENIO Designer will support a wide variety of locked and editable Test Definition (TDF) templates, or protocols.

AVENIO Designer Software serves next-generation sequencing (NGS) labs that use Roche systems for NGS testing. It is used by lab technicians and lab directors to aid them in automating library preparation and target enrichment protocols.


With AVENIO Designer Software laboratories can:

  1. Customize library preparation and target enrichment protocols using Roche-provided protocol templates
  2. Download/distribute customized protocols to designated location(s) (e.g., USB, computer folder, shared drive*) based on setup
  3. Save protocols in progress and come back at a later time to complete customization and/or to make enhancements
  4. Generate/print PDF reports for finalized protocols


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The AVENIO Edge System is an all-in-one, pre-analytical platform that minimizes manual touchpoints, includes ready-to-load reagents, validated protocols, on-board capabilities, and intuitive software to manage your NGS sample workflows like never before.