Primer Extension Target Enrichment

woman scientist in front of a DNA strand.

Combine the performance of hybrid capture with the simplicity and short turnaround time of amplicon-based workflows

Launching this fall, KAPA HyperPETE (Primer Extension Target Enrichment) is a novel hybridization capture technology designed to employ primer extension reactions to specifically capture and release target library molecules for sequencing. 

This target enrichment technology preserves the performance of conventional hybridization while enabling a more efficient workflow.  It has been specifically designed and optimized for small design sizes and validated to detect all major somatic variants in cfDNA, FFPE, and RNA samples, including SNVs, short indels, CNVs, MSI, and fusion transcripts (novel and known) and is especially suited for small panel oncology research applications. 

Watch this webinar to learn how PETE technology works and is designed to...

  • Interrogate difficult regions by leveraging Roche’s expertise in panel content and design
  • Save valuable time and resources with single-day automatable workflows
  • Increase analysis efficiency with focused, high-uniformity panel design and no need for primer trimming
  • Preserve precious samples and improve sensitivity by avoiding the need to split panels


Superior performance and coverage uniformity with KAPA HyperPETE

KAPA HyperPETE is designed to:

  • Achieve more uniform coverage compared to anchored multiplex PCR (Figure 1)
  • Avoid PCR-based over- or under- representation of target regions; KAPA HyperPETE technology uses primers to capture the regions of interest, not amplify them
  • Streamline bioinformatics pipelines by eliminating the need to remove primer binding site sequences

KAPA HyperPETE Workflow

Catalog Panels Human Custom Panels

Hereditary Oncology Panel

Hot Spot Panel

Pan Cancer Panel with MSI module

Lung Cancer Fusion Panel

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HyperPETE Choice RNA

HyperPETE Explore RNA - Expert Designer Service

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