KAPA PROBE FAST qPCR Kits provide fast and reproducible results for all probe-based qPCR applications. Kits contain a ready-to-use master mix for highly sensitive and accurate real-time PCR using sequence-specific fluorogenic probe chemistries, including hydrolysis probes (e.g. TaqMan), FRET probes, and displacement probes (e.g. molecular beacons).

Benefits of KAPA PROBE FAST qPCR Kit

  • Fast and reproducible results across several probe chemistries
  • Compatibility with different qPCR protocols

Product Highlights

Accurate discrimination between alleles

  • Exceptional differentiation of heterozygous and homozygous alleles*
  • Discrete clusters in SNP genotyping assays

Excellent reproducibility and efficiency

  • Fast, high performance five-colored multiplex PCR
  • Similar abundance levels achieved with low copy number
  • Broad dynamic range of up to 10 orders of magnitude

Increased flexibility

  • Compatible with both standard and fast cycling protocols
  •  Retain accurate quantification

*Data on file.