KAPA3G Plant PCR Kits are designed for PCR using purified DNA, DNA prepared by crude extraction methods (crude sample PCR), and for direct PCR (plant material added directly to the PCR reaction). The kit contains KAPA3G DNA Polymerase, a novel third-generation (3G) enzyme that was engineered via our directed evolution technology for improved tolerance to common plant-derived PCR inhibitors such as polyphenolics and polysaccharides.

Features and Benefits of the KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit

  • Fast PCR direct from plant tissues such as leaf discs, seeds and crude plant extracts
  • Streamlined workflows for transgenic screening
  • Improved PCR success rates and reproducibility
  • Efficient amplification of long and difficult targets from all sample types

Product Highlights

Amplification of long targets (up to 5 kb) from crude samples and purified DNA

  • High yield and specificity with purified DNA and crude samples

Direct PCR from a variety of plant species and tissue types

  • Direct PCR with leaf disc or seed as template
  • No need for time-consuming DNA extractions

Streamlined workflows and improved turnaround times

  • Perform PCR in half the time compared with wild-type enzymes
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming DNA extraction

Improved success rates with novel crude sample plant PCR workflow

  • Use extraction buffer to prepare crude extracts for plant PCR in just 5 minutes
  • High success rates with even the most challenging sample types

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