KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kits include KAPA Express Extract, a novel thermostable protease and buffer system that allows for the extraction of PCR-ready DNA from mouse tissue in as little as 15 minutes. The kit also includes KAPA2G Fast Genotyping Mix with dye containing a DNA polymerase engineered via our directed evolution technology for high processivity and extreme speed. The combination of KAPA Express Extract and KAPA2G Fast Genotyping Mix allows for the reliable extraction and amplification of DNA fragments from mouse tissue in as little as 1 hour compared to ≥1 day with conventional protocols.

Benefits of KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kits

  • Extraction and amplification of mouse tissue DNA in 1 hour
  • Better performance than other extraction methods*

Product Highlights

Increased throughput, turnaround time and reliability

  • PCR-ready DNA generated in as little as 15 minutes
  • Minimal handling, thereby reducing the risk of sample loss or contamination
  • Sufficient template for multiple assays; easily scaled to handle samples in a 96-well format
  • Fast and reliable amplification of DNA fragments across a wide range of amplicon lengths and GC contents

Superior PCR performance compared to crude extraction methods and other commercial kits

  • Better turnaround times
  • Increased specificity
  • Decreased cost*



*Data on file.