The KAPA Long Range PCR system is a blend of Taq DNA polymerase and an engineered archaeal (B-family) DNA polymerase possessing proofreading capability. This two-enzyme system is designed specifically to support long-range and/or sensitive PCR, and possesses 3–4X higher fidelity than Taq polymerase.

Features and Benefits of KAPA Long Range PCR Kits

  • Hot-start formulation – combined with a proprietary antibody that inactivates the enzyme until the first denaturation step 
  •  Elimination of spurious amplification products and increase in reaction efficiency and sensitivity
  •  Supplied in a 2X ReadyMix format with a loading dye, allowing direct loading of PCR products onto agarose gels with no extra steps for adding loading/tracking dye
  •  Contain all the components required for PCR except primers and template

Product Highlights

Amplification of long targets with high sensitivity

  • High sensitivity and specificity up to 15 kb
  • High yields with low input DNA

Superior PCR performance with complex targets compared to competitor kits

  • Outperforms competitor kits in terms of high yield, sensitivity and specificity* 

*Data on file.