MagNA Pure 96 Instrument

Designed for an accelerated workflow

Effortless purification, confidence from automation

The MagNA Pure 96 System purifies DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials using magnetic glass particle technology.

Preprogrammed software protocols are tailored to a diversity of sample requirements. Resulting nucleic acids are suitable for a broad range of downstream applications.

The MagNA Pure 96 System effortlessly processes up to 96 samples in less than one hour using barcoded, prefilled trays with ready-to-use reagents.

Experience seamless data management using intuitive features, such as the link to a laboratory information management system (LIMS).



Speed and throughput

  • Approximately 1 hour for processing a 96 sample run
  • Multiple sample types can be processed in one run

Quick time-to-result for clinicians and patients

  • Only two kits needed to cover various diagnostic applications
  • Few reagents and consumables needed
  • Connectivity (LIMS and bidirectional file sharing)

Minimized error risk
Low training effort & hands-on time


  • Insusceptible against tested substance interferences
  • Very stable against cross contamination

Confidence & trust in your results

  • Broad range of sample materials
  • Excellent precision, purification efficiency and linear range
  • Minimal lot-to-lot variation

One solution for various needs

Service and support

  • Globally, approximately 3,500 employees at Roche Diagnostics are dedicated to service and support
  • Roche is a leading supplier of IVD products. No other company has more experience in molecular diagnostics

Minimum downtime
Cost effectiveness