Digital LightCycler® dPCR System*

Designed for a new level of dPCR performance

The new Digital LightCycler® System from Roche has been developed to take digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) to the next level for clinical applications. The Digital LightCycler® System will offer a game changing combination of: three unique solid state partition plates, six channel multiplexing capabilities, a 5x concentrated master mix reagent, and highly sophisticated optics. The development results have shown exceptional data quality - including superb cluster tightness with no rain - in a system that offers intuitive and flexible workflow options for any lab. 

System Highlights

  • 6 optical channel analyzer to enable high multiplexing
  • 3 consumables configurations for different clinical applications
  • Generic 5x DNA Master optimized for high specificity and signal separation
  • Generic 5x RNA Master optimized for robust and efficient RT activity
  • Simple workflow with sample tracking and automated data analysis
  • Upto 96 samples per run (1-12 plates)
  • Run time 2-4 hours

Software - Designed for flexible workflows for a variety of applications

3 nanowell plate types (physical partitions)

3 nanowell plate types (physical partitions)

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