AVENIO Connect Software

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

AVENIO Connect Software

Designed to simplify and automate routine NGS workflow management

The process from sample accessioning through result reporting remains challenging. NGS labs need to handle these complex workflows and at the same time, track samples with confidence. 

AVENIO Connect Software* is a sample management research application that brings visibility and control of samples on AVENIO Edge System.** Easy to use and configure, this solution fits seamlessly into NGS labs, supporting automated workflows.

The AVENIO Edge System drastically reduces lab technicians’ hands-on time, allowing them to spend their time in more meaningful ways. AVENIO Connect Software complements the walk away time of AVENIO Edge with added flexibility and effortless sample management – accessible from anywhere with a browser and internet connection.

AVENIO Connect Software is offered with AVENIO Designer Software***, a coding-free protocol building tool for custom-designed user-defined workflows. Combined, these tools maximize the AVENIO Edge System’s performance – and your time!

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Redefine Simplicity

Make the AVENIO Edge System easier to manage through remote access via AVENIO Connect Software

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Maximize Productivity

Manage NGS workflows more efficiently by automating the data flow on the AVENIO Edge System

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Empower Trust

Minimize human error by reducing need for manual data entry and sample tracking

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AVENIO Connect Software takes the work out of NGS research workflows
  1. Sample tracking ensures audit traceability of samples
  2. Complete workflow monitoring reduces risk of error while also reducing time-consuming, manual steps
  3. Increase workflow efficiency with real-time visibility, the freedom of user-defined workflows (UDW) and eased IT burden through seamless integration
Integration with AVENIO Edge System

AVENIO Connect Software defines how samples are to be processed on AVENIO Edge System(s) and ensures that correct instrument runs are executed. Information is automatically exchanged between AVENIO Connect Software and AVENIO Edge Systems, eliminating the need to manually enter sample information at the instrument.

• In the event things don’t go as planned, notifications are proactively sent

• As the instrument completes the run, results are instantly made available

Connect software integration with AVENIO Edge
Support for the AVENIO Tumor Tissue CGP Kit (RUO)

The AVENIO Connect Software supports the AVENIO Tumor Tissue CGP Kit (RUO). The AVENIO Connect Software interfaces with the Illumina NextSeq 500/550 system as well as the FoundationOne® Analysis Platform in order to automate the upload of sequencing output files and enable the customer to download output files that are generated by the FoundationOne® Analysis Platform.

Flowchart of how AVENIO Connect software supports Tumore Tissue CGP kits
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*The AVENIO Connect Software is for Research Use Only (RUO) workflows.

**AVENIO Edge System is a Class 1 US IVD instrument and is intended for downstream diagnostic applications. AVENIO Edge reagents and workflows are for Research Use Only. They are not intended for diagnostic applications.

***User-defined protocols created using AVENIO Designer Software are for Research Use Only (RUO) workflows, not for use in diagnostic procedures.