RNA Reagents

RNA Library Preparation

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) leverages next generation sequencing (NGS) to provide insights into global transcriptional events, coding mRNA transcripts or on the profiles of RNA species, such as lncRNA. RNA library preparation for NGS utilizes specific strategies, such as enrichment of mRNA or depletion of rRNA, based on the objective of the sequencing experiment.

Roche Sequencing Solutions offer workflows for different sample types and RNA-Seq applications that are provensimple and complete. This portfolio of KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits contain high-quality enzymes, including KAPA HiFi DNA polymerase, developed through our Directed Evolution Technology for constructing RNA libraries with minimal GC bias and even sequence coverage. 


Benefits of KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits

  • Single-day library construction for Illumina sequencing, inclusive of RNA enrichment
  • Robust performance across different sample types and input amounts
  • Higher success rates with low-input and degraded samples
  • Integrated service and support for the entire workflow from RNA to sequencing-ready library
  • Validated KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit data analysis solutions provided through the Genialis platform

KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits: Specifications


KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits

As the latest generation of library preparation kits, KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits utilize a novel chemistry and combines enzymatic steps to achieve fewer reaction purifications and yield high-quality RNA-Seq libraries in a single day.

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