Elevate automated sample preparation with integrated workflows, trusted reagents and connectivity to enable reliable, high-quality results and the freedom to do more.

The AVENIO Edge System is an all-in-one, pre-analytical platform that minimizes manual touchpoints, includes ready-to-load reagents, validated protocols, on-board capabilities, and intuitive software to manage your NGS sample workflows as efficiently as possible/like never before.


Simplify NGS workflows with the AVENIO Edge System

This two minute video highlights the features and benefits of the AVENIO Edge System:

  • Intuitive system software for sample tracking and consumables inventory
  • On-deck capabilities such as thermocycling and quantification
  • Hassle-free, ready-to-use reagents
  • Efficient, consistent, high-quality results

The AVENIO Edge System

Redefines Simplicity

Streamline routine tasks and minimize the number of manual touchpoints with the samples.

  • One-box automation with thermal cycling, quantification, and pooling on-board
  • Pre-kitted, ready-to-run reagents
  • Automatic load check of consumables

Maximizes Productivity

Optimize lab resources with complete automation, high throughput, and decreased turnaround time.

  • Zero manual pipetting for routine use
  • Set up to walk away in 20 minutes
  • Run 4 panels in parallel

Empowers Trust

Confidently produce quality results with the CE-labeled AVENIO Edge System and proven KAPA* reagents.

  • 96% lower risk of error3
  • Integrated pre-analytical system checks
  • Reliable, walk-away automation for up to 2 days

Exclusive features that make the
AVENIO Edge System unique

  1. AVENIO Designer Software**
  2. On-Deck Thermal Cycler
  3. Proprietary Advanced Bead-Processing
  4. Intuitive User Interface
  5. Tip Park
  6. Fully barcoded reagents and consumables
  7. Integrated, automated quantification module


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1, 2, 3, 4 Data on file.