Reagents and Accessories


Target enrichment, where specific regions of interest are enriched, is a more cost-effective next-generation sequencing (NGS) technique compared to whole genome sequencing. Roche Sequencing Solutions offers high-quality reagents and consumables suitable for enrichment by either amplicon or hybrid capture strategies.

Reagents and accessories for hybrid-based target enrichment

From Universal Blocking Oligos to SeqCap® Adapter Kits and Capture Bead Kits, all accessories and reagents required for efficient hybridization-based target enrichment for NGS can be obtained here. 

Reagents and accessories for amplicon-based target enrichment

Reagents for all steps from sample DNA preparation to PCR, size selection and clean-up prior to sequencing are available. HEAT-Seq® Reagents provide all consumables required for enrichment using HEAT-Seq Custom Designs.