HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs enable you to build custom designs of varying length (between 140 to 27,343 probes) choosing from our database. The probes are empirically tested and balanced, and target thousands of genes associated with human inherited disease.

The Roche Sequencing Solutions HEAT-Seq Probe database, built on our expertise and proprietary technology, makes customization of challenging probe construction (especially for Molecular Inversion Probes (MIPs)) simpler. Selecting probes from our database allows for peace of mind against poor uniformity concerns, dead or poison probes, or creating the probe pools from many individual oligos. Custom HEAT-Seq Choice designs are made using NimbleDesign software.

Benefits of HEAT-Seq Choice Designs

  • Probes for thousands of genes associated with inherited disease: Probes target both strands of nearly all coding regions enabling straightforward creation of custom designs 
  • Simple and easy custom design creation: Simply input your genes and coordinates and NimbleDesign software will guide you in making a panel that best meets your needs 
  • Small to large designs in one tube: Build custom designs between 140 and 27,343 probes
  • Read mapping and variant calling: HSQutils software which is a separately sourced analysis tool

Product Highlights

Powerful empirical probe balancing

  • Robust method for custom probe creation with optimized probe design
  • Use of empirical performance data to enable quick assembly of custom designs for uniform coverage


Consistent uniformity even with larger designs

  • Rapid configuration of uniform designs by leveraging empirical probe performance data 
  • High uniformity regardless of design size