Sample QC


Ensuring quality in next generation sequencing results

A major challenge in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the ability to process low-input samples of variable quality with predictable success rates. Because these samples are typically very precious, the best sample prep solutions are needed to convert the available DNA into sequenceable molecules with minimal loss and bias. Roche Sample Prep Solutions encompass all the steps required to convert a sample to a sequencing-ready library. From sample collection to library quantification, we offer integrated workflow solutions for different sample types and sequencing applications that are provencomplete and simple

Being able to assess the probability of sequencing success from challenging samples prior to library construction not only reduces sample processing time and cost, but also helps set expectations related to data quality. Commonly used sample QC methods based on spectrophotometry or fluorometry are typically insufficient to predict the yield and quality of library yields prepared from degraded DNA samples. Roche Sequencing Solutions offers a complete, qPCR-based kit for the quantification and quality assessment of human genomic DNA samples in a single assay. 

KAPA hgDNA Quantification and QC Kits

The KAPA Human gDNA Quantification & QC Kit combines KAPA SYBR FAST gPCR Master Mixes, engineered for robust performance, with carefully produced, pre-diluted DNA standards and quantification primer mixes. The information gathered using this assay may be used to establish quality control minimums and optimize library construction parameters.


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