The table below describes the specifications for the KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits, including all four workflows:

Specs KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit KAPA mRNA HyperPrep Kit KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit with RiboErase (HMR) KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit with RiboErase (HMR) Goblin (for blood samples)
  Compatible Platform All Illumina sequencing instruments
  Input 1 ng - 100 ng 50 ng - 1 µg 25 ng - 1 µg 25 ng - 1 µg
Input Type High-quality total RNA Recommended
Low-quality total RNA (e.g. FFPE RNA) Compatible Not Recommended Not Recommended Compatible
Poly(A)-selected and/or depleted RNA Recommended N/A N/A N/A
Sample Type Species Eukaryotic, microbe, plant, etc. Eukaryotic, plant, etc. Human, mouse, rat
Workflow Fragmentation Tunable
Library Prep Time 4 hrs 5.5 hrs 6.5 hrs 6.5 hrs
Automation Friendly Yes