KAPA Unique Dual-Index (UDI) contain full-length, ready-to-use, QC-tested, dual-indexed Illumina adapters for ligation-based library construction. Kit specifications are listed below.

For additional details related to product shipping, storage and handling, please refer to technical documentation.

  KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed Adapters
Number of full-length, dual-indexed adapters 96
Nature of dual sequencing index Unique
Number of 8-nt non-reduntant p5 barcodes 96
Number of 8-nt non-reduntant p7 barcodes 96
Barcodes identical to those used in adapters supplied by illumnia  No*
Designed to mitigate index assignment Yes
Recommended for instruments with patterned flow cells
(e.g. HiSeq 3000, HiSeq 4000, HiSeq X, Novaseq)
Recommended for instruments with non-patterned flow cells
(e.g. MiSeq 3000, NextSeq 4000, HiSeq 2000, HiSeq 2500)
Compatible with KAPA HyperPrep, KAPA HyperPlus
and KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits
Compatible with methyl-seq applications No
Adapter formulation Ready-to-use, 15 mM solutions; 20mL per adapter**
Kit configuration Hard-shell plate with automation-friendly labelling
and overfills and replacements seats***
KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer included Yes (25 mL per kit)   
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* The set of 192 barcode sequences used in KAPA UDI Adapters is exclusive to Roche.

** This is sufficient for four library preps with the KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Kit if no adapter dilution is required.Generous overfill supports use on automated liquid handling system.

*** KAPA Adapter plates are shipped with peelable seals. Replacement seals for KAPA UDI Adapter Kits are peelable and pierceable.