As the first step in the NGS workflow continuum, sample prep holds the key to unlocking the potential of every sample. Roche Sample Prep Solutions provide an adaptable, reliable and focused portfolio of high-performance, high-quality library preparation reagents that enable you to process more samples successfully, obtain more information from every sample, and optimize your sequencing resources. This includes QC-tested adapters of different designs to meet the needs of a wide range of multiplexed DNA and RNA sequencing applications.

Benefits of KAPA Adapters

  • Different adapter designs and indexing strategies to support a wide range of multiplexed sequencing applications
  • Compatible with 2- and 4-channel Illumina® instruments, as well as patterned and non-patterned flow cells
  • Easy to incorporate in new and existing Illumina sequencing workflows
  • Functionally tested to confirm high library construction efficiency and minimal levels of adapter-dimer formation
  • Sequencing-based QC testing reduces the potential contribution of barcode cross-contamination to index misassignment
  • Compatible with KAPA DNA and KAPA RNA library preparation kits, for manual or automated library construction
  • KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer included in all kits

KAPA Adapters Features

The current portfolio of KAPA Adapters comprises 96 high-quality, ready-to-use, full-length dual-indexed adapters for ligation-based library construction in Illumina sequencing workflows:

KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed (UDI) Adapters contain non-redundant sequencing barcode combinations, designed to mitigate the impact of index misassignment on Illumina instruments with patterned flow cells

  KAPA Unique Dual-Indexed Adapters
Number of full-length, dual-indexed adapters 96
Nature of dual sequencing index Unique
Number of 8-nt non-reduntant p5 barcodes 96
Number of 8-nt non-reduntant p7 barcodes 96
Barcodes identical to those used in adapters supplied by illumnia  No*
Designed to mitigate index assignment Yes
Recommended for instruments with patterned flow cells
(e.g. HiSeq 3000, HiSeq 4000, HiSeq X, Novaseq)
Recommended for instruments with non-patterned flow cells
(e.g. MiSeq 3000, NextSeq 4000, HiSeq 2000, HiSeq 2500)
Compatible with KAPA HyperPrep, KAPA HyperPlus
and KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits
Compatible with methyl-seq applications No
Adapter formulation Ready-to-use, 15 mM solutions; 20mL per adapter**
Kit configuration Hard-shell plate with automation-friendly labelling
and overfills and replacements seats***
KAPA Adapter Dilution Buffer included Yes (25 mL per kit)   
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KAPA Adapters

High-quality adapters for multiplexed sequencing on 2- and 4-channel Illumina® instruments, with patterned or non-patterned flow cells. Compatible with all KAPA Hyper library preparation kits.


* The set of 192 barcode sequences used in KAPA UDI Adapters is exclusive to Roche.

** This is sufficient for four library preps with the KAPA HyperPrep or KAPA HyperPlus Kit if no adapter dilution is required. Generous overfill supports use on automated liquid handling system.

*** KAPA Adapter plates are shipped with peelable seals. Replacement seals for KAPA UDI Adapter Kits are peelable and pierceable.