KAPA Library Amplification Kits


KAPA Library Amplification Kits include KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase, a novel enzyme engineered using our directed evolution technology for ultra-high fidelity and robustness. KAPA HiFi has become the enzyme of choice for next-generation sequencing (NGS) library amplification due to its ability to amplify complex DNA populations with high fidelity, high efficiency and very low amplification bias. This results in lower duplication rates and improved coverage of GC- and AT-rich regions, promoters, low-complexity and other challenging regions.

Benefits of KAPA Library Amplification Kits

  •  Low amplification bias
  •  Improved sequencing coverage uniformity of difficult regions
  •  Industry-leading fidelity

Product Highlights

Reduced bias and efficient amplification of GC- and
AT-rich genomes

  • Improved representation of all library fragments and sequence regions
  •  Fewer cycles to achieve equivalent yields due to higher amplification efficiency

Improved sequencing coverage

  • Improved coverage uniformity of GC- and AT-rich regions, promoters, and other challenging regions
  •  Increased coverage depth of difficult regions in targeted capture workflows, where two amplification steps are performed

Amplification of NGS libraries with industry-leading fidelity*

  • Enhanced proofreading (3′-5′ exonuclease) activity using KAPA HiFi enzyme
  • Industry-leading fidelity confirmed by pyrosequencing

*Data on file.