KAPA HiFi Kits are a family of kits that all contain the same core, engineered KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase enzyme, formulated for both NGS and PCR applications. KAPA HiFi has become the enzyme of choice for NGS library amplification due to its ability to amplify complex DNA populations with ultra-high fidelity, high efficiency and low amplification bias. This results in lower duplication rates and improved coverage of GC- and AT-rich regions, promoters, low-complexity and other challenging regions. These kits are offered in an easy-to-use ReadyMix or component format, to provide flexibility and convenience.


Benefits of KAPA Library Amplification Kits

  • Higher and more uniform coverage with lower dropout of difficult regions
  • Higher yields, low duplication rates and fewer wasted sequencing reads
  • Higher success rates with different sample types/applications
  • Convenience with the consistency of one core enzyme
  • Trusted as shown through over 10 years in the industry as well as thousands of peer-reviewed publications

Product highlights


Improved sequencing coverage

  • Improved coverage uniformity of GC- and AT-rich regions, promoters, and other challenging regions
  • Increased coverage depth of difficult regions in targeted capture workflows, where two amplification steps are performed


Amplification of NGS libraries with ultra-high fidelity

  • Enhanced proofreading (3′-5′ exonuclease) activity using KAPA HiFi enzyme
  • Ultra-high fidelity for NGS applications

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