Hybridization-Based Target Enrichment


Targeted sequencing enables researchers to enrich specific genes, exons and/or other genomic regions to allow sequencing reads to be dedicated to only the regions that are of interest, which results in time and cost savings.1 To enrich specific target regions for next-generation sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatic analysis, hybridization or capture-based target enrichment is a method frequently used. This technique can be applied to single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection, insertion/deletion (indel) detection, copy number variation (CNV) detection and structural variation detection.


KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio

Now available is Roche’s new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio — KAPA HyperExome, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore probes. Our industry-leading selection of probes will now offer higher performance, higher probe fidelity and in-solution hybridization capture, as well as longer probes with fixed length.


Benefits of KAPA Target Enrichment Probes

  • Better capture uniformity
  • Lower duplicate rate
  • Higher target coverage
  • Customer design expertise

KAPA HyperExome Probes

Designed for greater sequencing depth and higher uniformity with low PCR duplicates, KAPA HyperExome Probes are Roche’s next generation of whole exome probe technology. KAPA HyperExome Probes cover the CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, Gencode and ClinVar genomic databases in an efficient ~43 Mb capture target size for improved sequencing efficiency.


Target Enrichment Custom Probes

Roche introduces its target enrichment custom probes, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore, for improved target capture NGS. KAPA HyperChoice Probes enable custom human probe design up to 200 Mb, while HyperExplore Probes are for less well-known or complex custom designs pushed beyond normal boundaries. HyperDesign, a new online tool that uses Roche’s probe design algorithm and selection, allows you to customize target enrichment panels to meet the unique needs of your research.


  1. Kozarewa et al. Curr Protoc Mol Biol., 2015. Overview of target enrichment strategies. 

The KAPA HyperExome probes will replace SeqCap EZ Prime Exome Probes, which will be supported until the end of March 2022.