KAPA2G Robust PCR Kits contain a second-generation DNA polymerase engineered to solve inconsistent amplification across a broad range of amplicon types (GC- and AT-rich).  The high performance of the DNA polymerase is ideally suited for challenging PCR applications and difficult samples, eliminating the need for optimization using multiple enzymes and protocols.

Benefits of KAPA2G Robust PCR Kits

  • High processivity and specific activity, translating to robust PCR performance and high sensitivity
  • Improved tolerance to common PCR inhibitors

Product Highlights

Efficient amplification of GC- and AT-rich targets

  • Robust performance across a wide range of GC- and AT-rich templates
  • Increased PCR success rates

Superior performance in colony PCR compared to wild type Taq

  • Higher yields and improved consistency of PCR directly from E. coli and yeast cells

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