Kits can be stored for up to 18 months at -20°C.

KAPA Mouse Gentoyping Kits include KAPA Express Extract Enzyme (1 U/µL), KAPA Express Extract Buffer (10X), and KAPA2G Fast (or Fast HotStart) Genotyping Mix (2X), which contains DNA Polymerase, reaction buffer with loading dye, dNTPs, and MgCl2 (at a final concentration of 1.5 mM). ReadyMixes for PCR are also sold separately.

Specs Description
Starting Material
Mouse tail, ear, or toe tissue
Input Amount
~2 mm3 fragment or 2 mm2 punch
2X KAPA2G Fast Standard or HotStart Genotyping Mix with dye
KAPA Express Extract (1 U/µL)
10X KAPA Express Extract Buffer