Ariosa cell-free DNA System (AcfS)

The Harmony test is run on the Ariosa cell-free DNA System (AcfS). This modular system was designed to streamline DANSR assay and FORTE algorithm–based NIPT, while providing cost-efficient scalability.

AcfS approach and benefits

  • DANSR assay and FORTE algorithm provide exceptional NIPT sensitivity and specificity1

  • Modular system design streamlines workflow and scalability

  • No hidden data storage fees

  • Maximum hands-free operation with no manual pipetting

  • User-friendly CE IVD-marked AcfS Software and Concerto provide full automation control and library-to-results sample tracking

  • Local NIPT reduces wait time and maintains on-site results security


    Regions that do not recognize the CE Mark may contact us for further information. 

    1. Stokowski et al. Prenat Diagn. 2015 Dec;35(12):1243-6.

Evaluation of automated cfDNA extraction methods

This evaluation compares the performance of three automated cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction platforms (MagNA Pure 24, MagNA Pure 96, and QiaSymphony SP/AS) when used with the Roche Harmony prenatal test. The following white paper provides more information about this study: Evaluation of Automated Cell-Free DNA Extraction Methods with Harmony® prenatal test.

Download Whitepaper