Roche launches new SeqCap EZ Reagent Kits to maximize customer convenience


Madison, WI, USA and Penzberg, Germany

Madison, WI, USA and Penzberg, Germany — Roche announced today the global launch and availability of a new comprehensive suite of SeqCap EZ Reagent kits for application in single or multiplex target enrichment experiments prior to DNA Sequencing. Designed to maximize customer convenience and streamline the DNA preparation workflow, the new kits provide customers with an all-inclusive reagent solution for use in their target enrichment experiments such as sequencing the whole Exome or large target genomic regions. The new SeqCap EZ Reagent kits are also optimized and validated for use with Roche's SeqCap EZ Library probe pools including the latest SeqCap EZ Exome, Oncology and Neurology designs launched in October 2012.

"We're committed to continuously expanding our leading target enrichment portfolio to address evolving customer needs, such as convenience, capture performance and high quality content ," said Thomas Schinecker, Head of Roche Sequencing Solutions. "This is only the first phase of our expanded target enrichment reagent offerings. A bead kit will be launched in the coming months to further improve our customers' convenience."

The multiplexing capabilities of SeqCap EZ Library allow researchers to manage multiple samples per sequencing run enabling high-throughput research laboratories to capitalize on cost-effective and efficient workflow methods for next-generation sequencing.

"The SeqCap EZ Exome enrichment products have enabled us to strike an important balance in our sequencing platform as we can now sequence a large number of samples and achieve sufficient depth of coverage, while keeping our costs down," said Dr. Aaron Goldman, Director of Genomics Services, Clinical Genomics Centre in Toronto, Canada. "We are excited to see that Roche is adding target enrichment reagents to their kits as this will simplify our workflow and streamline our ordering process."

About the SeqCap EZ Reagent Kits

The SeqCap EZ Reagent Kits include the accessory, oligonucleotides, hybridization and wash kits, all conveniently configured in a 24 reaction pack. Kits can also be ordered separately to fit specific workflow needs and include: SeqCap EZ Accessory Kit (reagents for sequence capture experiments); SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit A (oligos for 1-12 samples for use with Illumina Sequencing Systems); SeqCap EZ HE-Oligo Kit B (oligos for 13-24 samples for use with Illumina Sequencing Systems). Using the new kits, customers will experience the same high-quality standards and performance they have grown used to with SeqCap EZ Library products.

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