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Roche Sequencing Invites you to ESHG, Booth #230

Join us at the 2018 European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) Annual Meeting, where we will unveil Roche Sample Prep Solutions. From sample collection to library quantification, our integrated product portfolio addresses a variety of different, as well as challenging sample types and sequencing applications, which will help you unlock the potential of every sample.

Roche Sample Prep Solutions include products that are for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures. Contact us for more details.

MagNA Pure 24 System* and KAPA HyperPlus Kits

Visit booth #230 to learn more about nucleic acid extraction optimized for NGS library prep

Don't miss the Roche satellite symposium:
Technology behind the Harmony® prenatal test and the AVENIO ctDNA Analysis Kits**

Cell-Free DNA in Prenatal Testing and Liquid Biopsy
Monday, June 18, 11:15-12:45h in Brown 2
Chair: Maximilian Schmid, MD, Sr. Director Medical Affairs, RSS


Cell-free DNA testing for fetal aneuploidy – accuracy and reliability
Francesca Romana Grati, PhD, ErCLG, R&D Director, TOMA Advanced Biomedical Assays, S.p.A. (Busto Arsizio, Italy)

Fetal fraction – an important clinical and laboratory quality metric
Elaine Holgado, PhD, Consultant Clinical Scientist in Molecular Genetics, The Doctors Laboratory (London, UK)

Liquid biopsy – Implementation of NGS based diagnostics workflows in a clinical setting
Tomasz Zemojtel, PhD, Head of Genomics Platform – Berlin Institute of Health (Berlin, Germany)



Product Highlights

Sample Prep Solutions: 

Our integrated Roche Sample Prep Solution which encompasses all the steps required to convert a sample to a sequencing-ready library. From sample collection to library quantification, we offer sample prep solutions for different, as well as challenging, sample types and sequencing applications that are proven, complete and simple.

Roche Sample Prep Solutions include products that are for Research Use Only and not for use in diagnostic procedures. Contact us for more details.

MagNA Pure 24 System*

The MagNA Pure 24 System is a fully-automated clinical nucleic acid extraction system that brings you walkaway automation, designed to minimize user intervention and extraction-to-extraction variability. Now optimized for use in next-generation sequencing with new protocols compatible with KAPA library prep kits, MagNA Pure 24 can ensure reliable sequencing results from the start.

HyperCap Workflow and Products

HyperCap Products and Workflow create a streamlined, automation-friendly solution that integrates Roche's high efficiency KAPA DNA library preparation kits with SeqCap EZ (Exome and Custom) target enrichment probes. The HyperCap Workflow v2.0, which also includes KAPA Dual-Indexed (96) Adapters and Roche's Universal Blocking Oligos, allows users to input a variety of sample amounts and sample types.

AVENIO ctDNA Analysis Kits

AVENIO ctDNA Analysis Kits are a portfolio of three NGS liquid biopsy assays for somatic oncology.  AVENIO assays detect all four mutation classes (SNVs, indels, CNVs and fusions) with >96% to >99% sensitivity and >99% PPV‡  

  • AVENIO ctDNA Targeted Kit - 17 genes (81kb), guideline-driven biomarkers
  • AVENIO ctDNA Expanded Kit - 77 genes (192kb), guideline-driven and emerging biomarkers
  • AVENIO ctDNA Surveillance Kit - 197 genes (198kb), specially designed and optimized for longitudinal monitoring of tumor burden in lung cancer and colorectal cancer

These ready-to-use kits include reagents, a robust bioinformatics pipeline, and intuitive analysis and reporting for a streamlined, end-to-end workflow.


*All MagNA Pure 24 Kits, Consumables and Accessories are for in vitro diagnostic use unless otherwise noted.

†For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

‡Data on file

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