Discontinued SeqCap Portfolio

SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome Kit has been discontinued. Our new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio is now available and contains our new KAPA HyperExome, as well as our new custom probes, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore. For additional questions, please contact your regional sales representative.



SeqCap® EZ HGSC VCRome was designed by scientists at the Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at the Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) for use as a clinical research exome. The HGSC scientists collaborated with Roche Sequencing Solutions to optimize capture performance through empirical probe rebalancing. The name, VCRome, is derived from Vega, CCDS, and RefSeq. databases, the primary coding sequence (CDS) annotation sources. 

Features and benefits of SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome Kit

  • Design including miRNAs from miRBase
  • Coverage of 23,585 genes and 189,028 non-overlapping exons (July 2014 Ensembl annotation)
  • Design files for both hg18 and hg19 genome assemblies with 45.1 Mb capture target

Product Highlights

Trust one of the most extensively validated exomes

  • VCRome has been successfully used with tens of thousands of research subject samples on a yearly basis*


Achieve maximal multiplexing efficiency with the focused design

  • VCRome provides highly efficient exome designs with 45.2Mb capture target size and optimized uniformity
  • Enables high coverage with maximal multiplexing capability


Enjoy high-quality performance

  • On-target rate and coverage enable best usage of your sequencing capacity
  • Well suited for clinical research*

Design Files

The design and annotation files provide information about genomic regions covered by the capture probes and the genes included in these regions. These files were designed for use with the following products:

SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome, 12 Reactions (Catalog No. 06 465 587 001)

SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome, 48 Reactions (Catalog No. 06 465 668 001)

SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome, 96 Reactions (Catalog No. 06 465 676 001) 

Download the complete set of SeqCap EZ HGSC VCRome (18 MB.zip) 


File Descriptions

BED files are plain text, tab-delimited files which list genomic coordinates. These files may be used to explore design targets and to assess capture performance within the targeted regions. The first 3 columns are chromosome or sequence name, target start (0-based), and target end (1-based). For selected SeqCap EZ designs, the fourth column of primary and capture target BED files shows associated gene annotation for each genomic region.

BED files can be imported into Microsoft Excel as tab-delimited text or visualized using the SignalMap software.

The following files are included in the downloadable zip file:

  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg18_primary_targets.bed: This file contains the design primary target (unpadded) in hg18 coordinates. Gene annotation is not provided.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg18_capture_targets.bed: This file contains coordinates showing the probe footprint with no padding in hg18 coordinates.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg18_coverage_summary.txt: This file describes the primary target size, the percentage of primary target bases directly covered by one or more probes (“Probe_Coverage”), and the percentage of primary target bases with estimated sequencing coverage for typical results (“Estimated_Coverage”). This file is only provided based on hg18 coordinates.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg19_primary_targets.bed: This file contains the design primary target (unpadded) in hg19 coordinates and gene annotation in the 4th column.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg19_capture_targets.bed: This file contains coordinates showing the probe footprint with no padding in hg19 coordinates.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg19_UCSCBrowser.bed: This file is for viewing target coordinates in the UCSC Genome Browser. This file is only provided based on hg19 coordinates.
  • HGSC_VCRome_v2.1_hg19_gene_list.txt: This file contains a list of gene names and symbols from multiple annotation sources (see file header). This file is only provided based on hg19 coordinates.

Demo Data

Demo data is available for evaluation. Please contact Roche representative for your country. 

  *Data on file..