SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes


Discontinued SeqCap Portfolio

SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes have been discontinued. Our new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio is now available and contains our new KAPA HyperExome, as well as our new custom probes, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore. For additional questions, please contact your regional sales representative.



An integrated approach to sample preparation, for applications such as whole exome sequencing, encompassing all the steps required to convert a sample to a sequencing-ready library is beneficial in your research considering the precious nature of NGS samples. Therefore, we offer Roche Sample Prep Solutions, from sample collection to library quantification for different sample types and sequencing applications that are provencomplete and simple.

SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes enable enrichment of up to 200 Mb of genomic regions for non-human genomes and for unconventional human designs. Roche Sequencing Solutions offers designs for more than 100 species across all major kingdoms for a broad variety of applications, including agriculture, forestry, fishery, evolution, environmental, metagenomics and more.

Features and Benefits of SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes

  • Apply our proven capture technology and superior target enrichment design algorithm to unconventional genomes
  • Simplify your bioinformatics pipeline by leveraging our design expertise for designs that span every taxonomic kingdom  for over 100 species*
  • Maximize variant discovery while minimizing sequencing costs using our efficient capture methods and multiplexing capabilities*
  • Combine with KAPA's library preparation products to create the HyperCap Workflow v2.0 for a fully integrated sample preparation solution.

Design your own targets

NimbleDesign, our free online tool, enables you to quickly and easily design custom SeqCap EZ Prime Choice, SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes, SeqCap EZ Prime Choice XL or HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs for human and non-human research applications. Learn more about the NimbleDesign software for custom target enrichment designs.

Shared Designs

Shared Designs is your one stop shop to access human and non-human panels developed by other researchers for a variety of applications. If you are interested in sharing your custom design, please contact your local sales representative.

*Data on file