Discontinued SeqCap Portfolio

SeqCap EZ Choice XL Probes have been discontinued. Our new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio is now available and contains our new KAPA HyperExome, as well as our new custom probes, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore. For additional questions, please contact your regional sales representative.



SeqCap® EZ Choice XL Probes allow for enrichment of genomic regions of interest from 7 Mb to 200 Mb for human resequencing studies with an automation-friendly workflow. SeqCap® EZ Choice Probes are replaced by SeqCap® EZ Choice Prime Probes, which provide improved GC coverage compared to EZ Choice Probes.

Benefits of SeqCap EZ Choice XL Probes

  • Capture from 7 Mb up to 200 Mb custom regions with a single design utilizing up to 2.1 million probes
  • Achieve uniform and high performance capture and save on sequencing costs.
  • Capture more target regions to identify more variants compared to other enrichment methods*
  • Obtain higher coverage of target regions with our advanced repeat masking methods
  • Combine with KAPA's library preparation products to create the HyperCap Workflow v2.0 for a fully integrated sample preparation solution.

Product Highlights

Capture of more target regions compared to competitor kits

Design your own targets

NimbleDesign, our free online tool, enables you to quickly and easily design custom SeqCap EZ Prime Choice, SeqCap EZ Prime Developer Probes, SeqCap EZ Prime Choice XL or HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs for human and non-human research applications. Learn more about the NimbleDesign software for custom target enrichment designs.

  *Data on file.