Discontinued SeqCap Portfolio

SeqCap Epi Developer Probes have been discontinued. Our new KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio is now available and contains our new KAPA HyperExome, as well as our new custom probes, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore. For additional questions, please contact your regional sales representative.



SeqCap Epi Developer Probes enable the targeting of selected genomic regions (up to 210 Mb) for epigenetic studies from bisulfite-treated genomic DNA in a single workflow. Built on the Roche proprietary probe design and manufacturing technologies, SeqCap Epi Developer Probes allow for complete customization for targeting both strands of any organisms’ bisulfite-treated genomic DNA.

Features and benefits of the SeqCap Epi Developer Probes

  •  Efficient discovery of differential methylation
  •  Optimized design and workflow to effectively conserve epigenome complexity
  •  Maximized epigenetic discovery while minimizing sequencing costs

Product Highlights

High depth of coverage

  •  Targeting epigenomic region of interest with a custom enrichment solution for bisulfite sequencing
  •  Better depth of coverage and higher resolution than whole genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS)1

Observation of methylation changes on both DNA strands

  • Advanced design algorithm coupled with the ability to manufacture over 2.1 million long oligonucleotide probes provides superior target enrichment performance
  • Enables observation of methylation changes on both strands while preserving the ability to decipher  SNPs vs. methylation events
  • Sample input amounts of just 1µg*

Custom Designs

NimbleDesign, our free online tool, enables you to quickly and easily design custom SeqCap EZ Choice, SeqCap EZ Choice XL or HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs for human and non-human research applications. Learn more about the NimbleDesign software for custom target enrichment designs.


1. Fu et al. 2010, PLOS One. High-resolution genotyping via whole genome hybridizations to microarrays containing long oligonucleotide probes.

*Data on file.