Target Enrichment Accessories


KAPA reagents and accessories provide a complete solution required for hybridization-based target enrichment.

Complete workflow support with: KAPA Universal Adapter, KAPA Universal UMI Adapter, KAPA UDI Primer Mixes, KAPA HyperCapture Reagent Kit, KAPA HyperCapture Bead Kit, KAPA Probes Resuspension Buffer, KAPA Universal Enhancing Oligos (UEOs) and KAPA Hybrid Enhancer Reagent.

Product Description

KAPA Universal Adapter

Universal short truncated Illumina-compatible sequencing adapter, which ligates to all samples. Sample barcodes are incorporated during the library amplification prior to capture using the KAPA UDI Primer Mixes.
KAPA Universal UMI Adapter Molecular barcoded version of the KAPA Universal Adapter. It contains Unique Molecular Indices (UMIs) to support accurate molecule counting and reduction of PCR and/or sequencing errors in somatic oncology research applications from FFPET DNA or cfDNA.
KAPA UDI Primer Mixes Uniquely Dual Indexed (UDI) primer pairs, where each pair is uniquely barcoding each different sample during the pre-capture library amplification step.
KAPA Probes Resuspension Buffer Buffered solution to re-suspend the lyophilized probes to the volume that is printed on the probe pool tube label.
KAPA HyperCapture Reagent Kit Provides the necessary reagents for setting up the hybridization, capture, stringent washes and post-capture amplification.
KAPA HyperCapture Bead Kit Provides the necessary Capture (streptavidin) beads for the capture and necessary KAPA HyperPure Beads for setting up the hybridization and cleaning up the post-capture amplification products. The KAPA HyperPure Beads required for the library preparation and amplification cleanup steps must be purchased separately.
KAPA Hybrid Enhancer Reagent May replace COT Human DNA in hybridizations that require other COT DNA and when that’s not available.
HyperDesign Tool Online web interface supporting in-silico (probe selection) custom design preparation based on user input regions through a user friendly and intuitive GUI, which supports both user-directed automatic design preparation or expert designer assisted design preparation.