Roche Sequencing Solutions offers KAPA HiFi Uracil+ Kits, containing the engineered KAPA HiFi HotStart Uracil+ DNA Polymerase enzyme, formulated in a Readymix format. These kits form part of the family of KAPA HiFi Kits, offering the same benefits, but evolved for the amplification of uracil and modified residues.

The table below describes the specifications for the KAPA HiFi HotStart Uracil+ ReadyMix Kits:

  KAPA HiFi HotStart Uracil+ ReadyMix Kit
HotStart Enzyme Yes
Format ReadyMix
Kit Contents KAPA HiFi HotStart Uracil+ ReadyMix
Recommended Applications PCR and NGS applications requiring amplification of uracil or modified residues e.g. bisulphite-converted library amplification