Store kits for 12 months at -20°C.

Kits include KAPA3G Plant DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/µL), KAPA Plant PCR Buffer with dNTPs (2X, with 1.5 mM MgCl2 and 0.2 mM of each dNTP at 1X), and MgCl2 (25 mM).


Starting Material
Purified DNA or cDNA, Crude extracts, Plant tissue
Input Amount Up to 50 ng purified DNA or cDNA, up to 1 µL undiluted crude extract prepared according to KAPA3G Plant PCR Kit TDS (0.35 – 0.5 mm diameter leaf discs)
Available Kit Sizes
250 U, 500 U
KAPA3G Plant DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/μL)
KAPA Plant PCR Buffer (2X) Contains MgCl2 and dNTPs
MgCl2 (25 mM)