SeqCap® EZ Prime Exome targets the GRCh38/hg38 genome and has a compact capture target of 37 Mb. The 2.1 million overlapping probes are tiling 98.1% of the coding regions based on the latest CCDS Rel.20.1 To enable you to easily track samples throughout the workflow, the design also includes a unique sample-intrinsic identification method with 340 informative SNPs. SeqCap EZ Prime Exome is available as part of the Roche Sequencing Solutions’ Design Share portfolio

Features and Benefits of SeqCap EZ Exome

  • Obtain uniform and comprehensive exome coverage (96.3% of the primary target at 20x depth with only 40M high-quality reads) to minimize sequencing costs
  • Utilize a complete solution from a single vendor with the HyperCap® Workflow, an optimized protocol delivering consistent performance from sample prep to sequencing in 1.5 days
  • Track samples with SNP targets included in the design to eliminate the need to spike in a sample identification panel so you can have increased confidence from sample traceability

Product Highlights

High sequencing efficiency

  • Optimized to deliver both high uniformity and high on-target rate
  • Minimizes the need for additional confirmation with at least 96% coverage of target bases at ≥20x with 20 M 2 x 100 bp read pairs from only 100 ng of input DNA

Broad coverage of relevant medical-research content

  • Higher sequencing coverage of ACMG,1 ClinVar2 and medical-research relevant targets3 compared to another supplier’s exome
  • Better coverage with 27% less sequencing than another supplier’s exome

Enhanced sample tracking with SNPs for confidence in results

  • Targets 340 informative SNP positions that may be used as a sample intrinsic unique identification method, to allow sample tracking throughout the testing workflow
  • The SNP positions have been selected based on literature4 and customer feedback
  • Enables accurate and convenient sample tracking and delivers high overall SNP detection performance

SeqCap EZ Prime Exome is a part of the Roche Sequencing Solutions’ Design Share Portfolio. Design Share makes it easy to access pre-designed NGS panels that are developed by Roche Sequencing Solutions or in collaboration with researchers around the world.

Other panels include:

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