SeqCap® EZ Prime Choice Probes are a new and improved target enrichment solution for next-generation sequencing (NGS). They are fully customizable and provide improved coverage of GC-rich regions compared to SeqCap EZ Choice Probes.

Features and Benefits of SeqCap EZ Prime Choice Probes

  • Capture up to 200 Mb custom regions with a single design utilizing up to 2.1 million probes
  • Achieve uniform enrichment and save on sequencing costs
  • Target difficult regions with our advanced probe selection algorithm
  • Get improved coverage of GC-rich regions vs SeqCap EZ Choice Probes 

Develop your own designs

NimbleDesign, our free online tool, enables you to quickly and easily design custom SeqCap EZ Prime Choice, SeqCap EZ Prime Choice XL or HEAT-Seq® Choice Designs for human and non-human research applications. Learn more about the NimbleDesign software for custom target enrichment designs.

Analyze your data

Roche Sequencing Solutions has partnered with JSI medical systems,a market leader in NGS analysis, to provide you solutions for your secondary data analysis needs in the context of research use only. JSI's SeqNext software is a powerful all-in-one solution for robust high-throughput variant detection and interpretation.*

*Availability may differ by region. Please contact your local Roche Sales Representative to learn more.

If you are using SeqCap EZ Choice and SeqCap EZ Choice XL Probes that have not been rebalanced, you can directly substitute SeqCap EZ Prime Choice Probes. For rebalanced designs, continue to please order SeqCap EZ Choice and SeqCap EZ Choice XL Probes.